Probuilds is a website with builds used by pro Heroes of the Storm players. Starting in 2018, all builds from HGC (Europe, North America, Korea, China, and international tournaments) games are available, with some minor exceptions. After HGC has been cancelled, builds are added from various community tournaments, such as CCL, X-Cup, NGS Storm Division, HL Division S, and more.

Shoutout to every tournament organizer who uploads replays of their games! They're a valuable resource for the community.

Talent data comes mostly from Heroes Patch Notes and their heroes-talents repository. Thank you everyone who is maintaining it.

Patch numbers and names on Probuilds can be a bit confusing - if you don't remember what changed in which patch, I recommend Heroes Patch Notes and their patch summaries.

You can find me on Reddit at /u/lerhond or on Twitter @lerhond. I'm not very actively developing the website, but feedback is still always welcome.

The icon for "no talent picked" is adapted from the Antu icon set.

This website is not in any way affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment.